Law Firm Audit Assistance

Law Society audit is an important event in a lawyer's career and practice. Very often, poor books and records lead to costly administrative suspension by the law society.

When you are selected by the Law Society for an audit, it is extremely important that you make sure: your books are up to date and accurate.the reports are prepared in accordance with the Law Society's by-laws. and, your bookkeeper has the experience and ability to handle the audit.

The most popular accounting program for lawyers book keeping and reconciliation is PC Law, which we have been using to assist lawyers for years. We also train lawyers on use of this excellent program.

If you are not confident, you need an expert to help you. Law Society's audits are very critical, do not act alone.

Give us a call, we will make sure that your audit goes smoothly like we have been doing for other lawyers.

Bookkeeping for Law Firms

Trust Accounts and Law Society rules add complexity to law firm bookkeeping. We do monthly reconciliation of Trust and General Accounts

Bookkeepers for law firms should possess a good knowledge of accounting and law firm process and procedure. They should also possess above-average analytical skills, as they are often required to identify and rectify discrepancies in the course of their duties.

At CGA ACCOUNTANT PROFESSIONALS GROUP, we fully understand the uniqueness of the bookkeeping requirements imposed by the Law Society. We have a team of bookkeepers and Accountants with the right skills to help you.

We help you keep your books and records in accordance with the Law Society rules. In case you are chosen for spot audits by the Law Society, we help you prepare the book, records, files, and reports to minimize non-compliance issues.

Our service provide you peace of mind so you can focus on your practice.



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